SSL Enabled

Finally got around to adding SSL to the web site. Why? It’s not like there’s any super-secret personal information being sent back and forth… but, hey, web browsers are starting to whine about unencrypted web pages, so here we are.

New Chapter 80 officers elected

At the November meeting, we elected a new slate of officers to Chapter positions:

President – Bruce Mundie
Vice-President – Bob Dyer
Treasurer – Bob Cartwright
Secretary – Craig Tylski
Membership – Bob Condrey
Young Eagles – Scott Pridie; Asst, Greg Seewald

Non-Elected Positions:
Refreshments – (member rotation)
Social Coord – open
Newsletter – Chris Halfman
Web Page – Dale Botkin
Tools – Dave Bentley
Tech Counselors – Mike Howard, Jerry Ronk, Bob Condrey